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Virtual Distance International

The World's Original and Leading Authority on Workplace & Strategy

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Dr. Karen Sobel Lojeski and Virtual Distance International (VDI) are known as the


for strategy and technology in the virtual world . . . 

making the most of technology AND higher levels of performance plus well-being for the workforce

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Virtual Distance Overview

ur Story

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Over 20 years ago, Karen had a hunch there were unintended consequences to social dynamics, relationships and opportunities to perform at peak, coming from the sharp rise in digital communications. 

At the time, she was a successful executive on Wall Street.  But her original expertise as a systems engineer, told her through her lived experience as a leader, there was

a significant shift happening in people's well-being and organizational performance, in need of attention.


So she set out to find out if her situational assessment could be proven, quantified and accompanied by predictive, corrective measures to get the best solutions to leaders and the workforce as soon as possible.

And that's exactly what she did!

For two decades, Karen's award-winning Virtual Distance metrics and means to improve innovation, financial performance and more, have been leveraged in all corners of the globe including governments, industry, and large non-profits.

With major clients that employ millions of people, thousands of citations and references in many languages, Virtual Distance has become an everyday word that people now naturally understand given their lived experiences.

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Karen's prescient books began hitting bookshelves in 2008; before the iPhone and other mobile devices re-shaped the social landscape. 


Since then, human beings have gone through dramatic shifts in physical, emotional and psychological perceptions of each other and themselves.

Karen named these changes to lived experience, Virtual Distance.


She showed us that these influences have a measurable and predictable impact on organizational performance and people's well-being. 


Now rightly so, most agree that almost everything changed when Covid came alive in life's populations.  But one thing leaders, employees and everyone can still count on, is the stability of Virtual Distance across all conditions.


By managing Virtual Distance, people feel closer, fell better; allowing for a special spaciousness where understanding can flourish.

Clients and Research Partners

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